Free webinar with Dr. Karolina Castkova

5 Reasons Why To Sew Your Barefoot Shoes

April 3, 2024
at 5 PM CET

Webinar is accompanied by Dr. Karolina Castkova

Karolina Castkova

doctor and lecturer
I have been sewing barefoot shoes and teaching this craft to others since 2017.

I am a doctor and a mother of four children, and their health is my primary concern. I like to combine modern scientific knowledge with a holistic view of health. I believe in the wisdom of our bodies.

It may surprise you to know that my motivation for deciding to sew my first pair of barefoot ballerinas in 2017 wasn't health. The health benefits only became apparent after some time of wearing hand-sewn, custom-made shoes.

In this webinar, you will find out what sewing barefoot shoes has brought me and why I continue it. And what it can bring you if you decide to give it a try.

What will we talk about in the webinar?

  • How a not-very-crafty doctor became a lecturer of barefoot shoe sewing courses. And how wearing hand-made barefoot shoes changed the health of her family.
  • Why and when it´s good to wear barefoot shoes?
  • Why custom-made hand-sewn barefoot shoes can be preferable to expensive designer ones in many cases?
  • Why is self-sewing of barefoot shoes more environmentally friendly than buying them in shops?
  • Can han-made shoes be stylish? What do they look like?
  • What equipment do you need if you want to sew your shoes?
  • How much money does a pair of hand-sewn barefoot shoes cost?
  • How can I help you to start sewing barefoot shoes for you and/or your family?

I am aware that you might live in a different time zone or there might be a reason why you won´t be able to watch the broadcast live. I will have a record available for a few days for those who have registered.

On the live broadcast, you can ask me anything that interests you.

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