Make yourself comfortable with barefoot shoes that will fit your feet...

The waiting list for the next run of the Lace-up shoe sewing course with my support in a special Facebook group. 

The next run of the course will take place in October 2024. 

Is it hard for you to find shoes that fit you perfectly?

Not anymore. Now with this course, you will be able to make year-round or winter shoes exactly to measure. Not only will they fit you well, but you can also choose the colour and decorate them to your liking.

Your new hand-sewn barefoot shoes will be:

  • Soft and comfortable. The leather adapts to your feet with every step. Forget blisters and little space for fingers.
  • Beneficial for your health. It is scientifically proven that wearing barefoot shoes has a beneficial effect on the health of your feet and the whole body.
  • Original. You can choose your favourite colour and decorate your shoes to make your unique design.

I am glad to present you the unique

Online course on sewing barefoot lace-up shoes

How does the course work?

  • The course is in the form of video lectures arranged in the members' section - In the videos, I show you the step-by-step process from cutting to sewing. The videos are short and factual. You will get access to the course immediately after the payment.
  • With my support in the Facebook group - you're not alone in this. I'm available in the Facebook group throughout your 6 weeks shoe-making process to give you feedback on your steps and answer your questions. This is how you won't get stuck anywhere while sewing your barefoot shoes and you will finish them. 
  • You'll tailor it to your time - unlike full weekend live courses, online courses are divided into shorter lessons, so you can make it even with small children or if you have a lot of work. It's up to you whether you sew all day Saturday or just for an hour a day after work or when the kids are asleep. You have 2 years of access to all the videos in the members´ section and to the Facebook group. After 2 years you will be able to prolong your access.
  • Suitable for beginners - you can do it even if you've never done anything like this before. The videos are made easy so that everyone can understand them. We sew the shoes by hand, you don't need a sewing machine or other specialized equipment.
  • You will also learn how to make shoes for your loved ones - you will not only sew shoes for yourself, but you will also learn how to adapt the fit to other´s feet.

In this online workshop, you will learn:

  • to make your template
  • your shoes will be made to measure,
  • your shoes will fit you perfectly,
  • you will learn to adjust the template for any feet.
  • to work with leather
  • to cut and punch the leather,
  • to hand dye the leather (optional),
  • to bond the leather and soles,
  • to use the basic tools.
  • to complete your shoes
  • to make shoes with lining,
  • to sew properly the upper parts to the leather welt,
  • to complete the lacing.

I have tuned the course according to the feedback of the clients from the first English group. Now the course is even better and more complex than I was planning. But I want the course to be available for everyone. That´s why to everyone on this waiting list

I am offering it for an advantageous price


 189 €

It´s possible to pay in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR. The price of the course is 189 €, $ 201, or £ 169. This price is the price of the Standard course option with my support in the Facebook group. You can learn about other options below.

And that´s not all...

I have 3 more unique bonuses for you.

Stiffening heel piece

I'll teach you how to create a reinforcing heel piece that will make your shoes easier to put on and firmer.

Decorating the leather

In the course, I will teach you simple leather decorating techniques that will allow you to create truly original shoes.

Children's shoes

I'll teach you how to adjust the pattern for your child´s feet. You will never have to search for hours to find a fitting pair of shoes for your child.

Special bonus for you - shoes with lining

Do you want more? You will be able to sew lace-up shoes with lining. Thin leather lining for year-round shoes or warm merino lining for winter shoes. You just need to do a few things differently. What exactly? I will show it to you in a bonus lesson on Lining. I will give you this lesson worth 30 €  for free if you enroll in the course now. Thanks to this course you will be able to make yourself shoes for all the year long.

In the bonus lesson you will learn:

  • How to adjust the pattern.
  • How to prepare and glue on the lining.
  • How to sew the lining on with the saddlery stitch.

What shoes have my clients made?

Do you prefer evidence to words? Then look at the shoes my clients have made. 

With the right instructions and my support, you can do it too...

Why barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are shoes that feel like walking barefoot. They are very flexible and adapt to your feet as you walk.

Barefoot footwear :

  • anatomical toe shape with sufficient space for fingers
  • thin sole, which keeps you in contact with the surface you are walking on
  • no arch support to keep your foot muscles properly engaged when you walk
  • soft and flexible shoes that allow your feet to move naturally when you walk
  • the advantage of hand sewn barefoot shoes is that they are made exactly for your feet

Classic footwear:

  • inappropriate toe shape, which pushes the thumb against fingers and can lead to deformities
  • Thick soles that you can't feel anything through and you are therefore less dexterous in terrain
  • a reinforced arch that causes your foot muscles to work incorrectly and can cause your arch to fall off
  • often hard, unyielding upper material in which your feet cannot move freely
  • sizes correspond to average feet, they do not count with the variability in the shape of the feet

It won't be another unfinished online course...


  • Thanks to my personal support and the group's support, you'll really finish your shoes.
  • You will have access to all the lessons in the members´ section and all my answers and advice in the support fb group for 2 years.
  • You will be able to repeat the process at any time and make more shoes for yourself or for your loved ones.


What level of support would you like to get?


I can make it on my own.

The Basic option includes:

  • all the video lessons available in the member section,
  • bonus lessons on stiffening heel piece, decorating the leather and children´s shoes,
  • bonus lesson on lining.



The Basic option does not include:      

  • my support in the Facebook group,
  • my time on Zoom, Messenger, or e-mail.


I want group support.

The Standard option includes:

  • all the video lessons available in the member section,
  • bonus lessons on stiffening heel piece, decorating the leather and children´s shoes,
  • bonus lesson on the lining,
  • my 6-week support in a special Facebook group.

The Standard option doesn´t include:

  • my time on Zoom, Messenger, or email.

VIP - just 10 spots

I want personalized support. 

The VIP option includes:

  • all the video lessons available in the member section,
  • bonus lessons on stiffening heel piece, decorating the leather and children´s shoes,
  • bonus lesson on the lining,
  • my 6-week support in a special Facebook group,
  • real-time online lesson on making the pattern (2 x 2 hours),
  • 1 questions and answers video call (1 hour),
  • 1 30-minute Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp or e-mail consult whenever you need.

Just 10 spots are available.

What do you need? 

Basic hand tools

and material for one pair of shoes. And 2 hands ready for work. That's all. You don't need a sewing machine or specialized equipment. You can download the list of everything you need below. If you are in Europe, you can order a kit with all the tools and materials for one pair of shoes from me. The price of the complete kit is 150 €, including postage. The possibility of ordering the kit will be offered to you right after purchasing the course on my website.

Who will guide you through the course?

My name is Karolina Castkova. I am a medical doctor, wife, and mother of 4 children. Since 2017 I have been teaching barefoot shoe sewing courses and I have studied the impact of barefoot walking on our health. I sew shoes for my whole family so we all have feet in comfort. I'd love to teach you how to do it too.

Testimonials from the first lace up shoe-sewing course in English


Karolina is a fabulous teacher. Her videos and experience in shoe making are supported by the Facebook group that goes with the course and where course members can ask any questions that come up in the process. She’s very responsive and will help you within a short period of time. On top of that the course members will show their progress and guide and support you along. I recommend it!
Ute Behr
Thank you so much for running this course Karolina. I feel like I have filled in the missing link for my skill set 😊
Ben Jones
As a student of the first course I want to say - I recommend it so much!!! Karolina is a wonderful teacher who really knows very well what she is teaching, and this is why she can help you with anything that comes up. And you do not learn only to sew shoes, you learn to dye leather, work with leather, and the big major thing that worth it all by itself: you learn to make a pattern. That means you can make shoes to anyone! I am so happy I participated in this course. It is proffessional and fun. Thank you 🙏❤️
Yeal Kandelman
Thanks to everyone‘s contributions. It’s been much more workshop than I thought possible online, sharing mistakes and learning as well as progress. I also think we’ve worked you hard, Karolina. Thank you.

That sounds great, I am interested

The next run of the course will take place in October 2024. Subscribe to the waiting list and be among the first people to know about the start of the course.

Do you want to ask me something?

Write me an e-mail at karolina@diybarefootshoes.com

I will be happy to help you.