Imagine the feeling...





 ...of putting on your self-made shoes

Would you like...

  • to have shoes that fit you perfectly?
  • to be able to choose their colour and decorate them according to your taste?
  • to experience the great feeling that you made them by your own hands?
  • and to do something for your health?

You can sew yourself your first or next shoes

on the online workshop of sewing barefoot lace-up shoes

I present to you a unique online course with my personal support, thanks to which you can sew your year-round shoes, too.  The material we will use is cowhide leather. The shoes are sewn by hand, without a last or sewing machine. Even beginners can handle them. The next round of the course will start in autumn.
In the course, you will find concise and clear videos arranged in the members' section, which will guide you step by step to the goal - your dream shoes. You can use my support in the Facebook group, so you can really finish your shoes. 

On this online workshop you will learn:

  • to make your template
  • your shoes will be made to measure
  • your shoes will fit you perfectly
  • you will learn to adjust the template for any feet, not just yours
  • to work with leather
  • to cut and punch the leather
  • to hand dye the leather (optional)
  • to glue the leather and soles
  • to use the basic tools
  • to complete your shoes
  • to sew properly the upper parts to the leather frame
  • to complete the lacing
  • to walk in your barefoot shoes properly

I have tuned the course according to the feedback of the clients from the first english group. Now the course is even better and more complex than I was planning. But to all of you on this waiting list

I will offer it at the introductory price the first group had -


140 €. 

The usual price will be 189 €.

I accept payment in these currencies: USD, GBP, EUR. The price of the course for you will be 140 €, $ 149 or £ 125.

And that´s not all...

I have 3 more unique bonuses for you.

Children's shoes

I'll teach you how to adjust the pattern for children´s feet. So you will ne able to sew lace-up shoes for all your family.

Decorating the leather

On the course, I will teach you simple leather decorating techniques that will allow you to create truly original shoes.

Healthy walking

I'll teach you how to walk properly in your new barefoot shoes so that every step benefits your health.

And how does this online course actually work?

  • The course is in the form of video lectures clearly arranged in the members' section - in the videos I show you the step-by-step process from cutting to sewing. The videos are short and factual.
  • With my support in the Facebook group - you're not alone in this. I'm available in the Facebook group throughout your 6 weeks shoe-making process to give you feedback on your steps and answer your questions. This is how you won't get stuck anywhere while sewing your barefoot shoes and you will actually finish them.
  • You'll tailor it to your time - unlike full weekend live courses, online courses are divided into shorter lessons, so you can make it even with small children or if you have a lot of work. It's up to you whether you sew all day Saturday or just for an hour a day after work or when the kids are asleep. You have 2 years access to all the videos in the members´ section and to the Facebook group. After 2 years you will be able to prolong your access.
  • Suitable for beginners - you can do it even if you've never done anything like this before. The videos are made easy so that absolutely everyone can understand them. The shoes are sewn by hand, you don't need a sewing machine or other specialised equipment.
  • You will also learn how to make shoes for your loved ones - you will not only sew shoes for yourself, but you will also learn how to adapt the fit to other adult´s feet od children´s feet.

What shoes have my clients made in my online courses?

Do you prefer evidence to words? Then look at the shoes my clients have made. 

With the right instructions and my support, you can do it too...

Why barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are shoes that feel like walking barefoot. They are very flexible and adapt to your feet as you walk.

Barefoot footwear :

  • anatomical toe shape with sufficient space for fingers
  • thin sole, which keeps you in contact with the surface you are walking on
  • no arch support to keep your foot muscles properly engaged when you walk
  • soft and flexible shoes that allow your feet to move naturally when you walk
  • the advantage of hand sewn barefoot shoes is that they are made exactly for your feet

Classic footwear:

  • inappropriate toe shape, which pushes the thumb against fingers and can lead to deformities
  • Thick soles that you can't feel anything through and you are therefore less dexterous in terrain
  • a reinforced arch that causes your foot muscles to work incorrectly and can cause your arch to fall off
  • often hard, unyielding upper material in which your feet cannot move freely
  • sizes correspond to average feet, they do not count with the variability in the shape of the feet

One more special bonus for you...

Is it hard for you to find comfortable winter shoes?

Lace-up shoes with lining - special bonus lesson. Will you choose thin leather for year-round shoes or sheep wool for winter shoes?

This bonus I was planning to sell as a unique course. But my first english group showed me that it´s not too much information for them. So here it is: I will teach you how to make shoes with lining. Thin lining for year-round shoes and warm lining for winter shoes. Thanks to this course you will now be able to make yourself shoes for every season and for all your family.

It won't be another unfinished online course...


  • thanks to my personal support and the group's support, you'll really finish your shoes
  • you will have access to all the lessons in the members´ section and all my answers and advice in the support fb group for 2 years
  • you will be able to repeat the process at any time and make more shoes for yourself or for your loved ones


What do you need? 

Basic hand tools

and material for one pair of shoes. And 2 hands ready for work. That's all. You don't need a sewing machine or specialized equipment. You can download the list of everything you need below. I am also adding list with direct links to recommended materials and tools. If you are interested, you can order a kit with all the tools and materials for one pair of shoes from me. The price of complete kit is 105 € (without postage - that depends on the country you are from. I send kits from Czech republic). 

Who will guide you through the course?


My name is Karolina Castkova. I am a medical doctor, wife and mother of 4 children. Since 2017 I have been teaching barefoot shoe sewing courses and I have studied the impact of barefoot walking on our health. I sew shoes for my whole family so we all have feet in comfort. I'd love to teach you how to do it too.

Testimonials from the workshops in slovak

and soon I will add more from the first course in english 😉

Thanks to your course, I made my dream come true and got my first winter boots with lining. Thank you Karolina, it's a beautiful feeling. I wish you all a beautiful sewing.
Karolina, you are an excellent lecturer, even in online you explained and showed everything exactly. There was a nice and creative atmosphere throughout the course and I am very happy that I learned how to sew ballerinas. They were definitely not my last. I would love to take other courses, for example for the promised insulated boots. 🙂
It was my first online course. I was a bit worried about how it would go, if I would understand the process without seeing the process live. Everything was nicely illustrated, explained, advised...and I got great, comfortable ballerinas. I am extremely satisfied. Karolina is amazing.
The course was great. The steps were well explained, demonstrated and then checked. It suited me to break it up into shorter parts so I could attend with a small child. The atmosphere in the group was nice and friendly so I wasn't afraid to ask questions and share my products.

I want to know about the next round

of this 3 in 1 course

and get it for the best price possible - 140 €, $ 149 or £ 125 instead of usual 189 €.

Do you want to ask me something?

Write me an e-mail to

I will be happy to help you.