DIY barefoot shoes

Klára Němčeková, Karolína Částková, Irena Svobodová, Mária Klimo

Our mission

We offer a wide range of online barefoot shoe sewing courses:

  • from simple to more complex, with and without lasts;
  • available in several languages - English, Spanish, German, Slovak, Czech, Polish;
  • including all necessary materials and tools available on the eshop;
  • with our support and the support of a like-minded community.

Our goal

Creating a community of healthy and free people who discover their creativity in connection with and respect for nature.

The DIY barefoot shoes team believes in self-education and freedom of choice. That's why we offer online barefoot shoe sewing courses where anyone can create their own shoes at their own pace, anywhere in the world.

These courses include clear video lessons that show step-by-step how to sew the shoes. From creating the pattern to the final stitching, everything is presented online. Whether it's all-season shoes, winter boots, moccasins, ballerinas, sandals, adult or children's shoes, our courses are accessible for beginners and advanced.

Get inspired and learn how to create/sew shoes that are comfortable, original and sustainable!

Our values

  1. Joy of life and freedom: Our group seeks to live life to the fullest, respect personal freedom and seek joy in each day.
  2. Health, Ecology and Community: We are interested in healthy living, protecting the environment and creating a community of people with similar values.