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proprioreception- feet as a sensory organ

The Barefoot Series, Part Three. The foot as a sensory organ.

You may have read the first two parts of my barefoot series focusing on the big toe and its most common deformity – bunions or hallux valgus. We will continue this series with another important topic – the function of the foot as a sensory organ. And you may also have thought of a question I’ve been...


The Barefoot Series, Part Two. Bunions.

Last time we talked about the big toe. About what its main function is and how you can support it in getting its proper function restored. Today we will speak a bit about bunions or a deformity called halux valgus. If you’d like to read Part 1 of the barefoot series, you can find it here. What...

The Barefoot Series, Part One. Big toe.

Learn about the benefits of walking barefoot and the role of the thumb. How to improve proper toe function using shoes with wide toe space.

Why to try custom made barefoot shoes?

Sometimes it can be hard to choose the right shape of shoes even if they are barefoot. Because barefoot does not mean perfect. That´s why you might be thinking about getting a pair of custom made barefoot shoes for you. Today I would like to tell you a story. It´s a true story and it´s my story. So you...